When a trailer is attached to your truck, it’s your responsibility. You want to make sure that trailer is insured. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay if the trailer is hijacked, stolen or damaged. You may think “well, I don’t own the trailer, why would I have to ensure it?” Because you’d still have to pay. While this may sound a bit like a written interchange agreement, it’s not the same thing. You will, that being said, also require a written interchange agreement. You won’t have to worry about the trailer once you get it to where it’s supposed to be and hand it over to the proper person. Up until that moment, however, it’s your responsibility. Protect yourself and the trailer with this insurance.

Physical Damage Protection Added to Your Plan

Perhaps you already have physical damage on your trucking insurance plan. You could still benefit from this trucking insurance, however. Your insurance covers your truck, your trailers. As we’ve mentioned in this section, these aren’t your trailers. So, you’ll be protected should something happen to the trailers you don’t own. It’s a simple process to add this to your already existing insurance. That way, should vandalism, theft, collisions or fire occurs, you won’t have to pay for the damage to someone else’s trailer.

Read the Fine Print

This insurance has a perquisite. You have to already have liability insurance. There’s no way around this. On top of that, some vehicles won’t quality for this kind of insurance. Additionally, you must have one pick-up as well as a trailer. This kind of insurance can increase your insurance quite a bit. Of course, we do everything we can to keep the prices low on you. That means that we try to keep it around an extra $100 a year, but it could be up to an extra $1500. We do what we can to make sure that this plan works with your budget. That means taking into account your loss history, driving record, value of your equipment and more – all with the expressed, stated goal of getting you the insurance you need at a good price point.

This is one of our more popular kinds of insurance. We always want to give people the right insurance for them in a quick fashion. So, we recommend that you have a detailed evaluation of your trucks as well as your trailers. You don’t need this, of course, but it can make for an easier process. Only after the deductibles have been paid by the insurance will the compensation be transferred. On top of that, you’ll have to pay the difference if the case goes beyond your limits. That’s why we say you should do a thorough evaluation of your trailers and trucks before you agree to a limit. Are your trucks expensive? Then you could have to make additional payments on top of the deductibles. Often, for that kind of person, we would set a limit that’s on the lower side. By that same token, you could end up paying a high deductible if the trailers and trucks cost less than your limit. This isn’t the easiest idea to grasp, but if you contact us, we can explain it quite clearly.

Paying for a trailer, or even the cargo in a trailer that isn’t yours when it’s damaged is bad business. Instead of exposing yourself and your company to that kind of risk, this insurance is there for you. If you think this insurance could benefit you, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll sit down with you and figure out how to get this insurance to you in a way that works.