Independent Drivers Love Owner Operator Truck Insurance Plans

There’s opportunity is basically any Dallas road. Unfortunately, those roads can be quite dangerous, too. Accidents happen to even the best, most conscientious drivers. You can have a great driving record for decades and decades, then an accident can change all that around in a second’s time. We know that you do everything you can to drive your truck to the best of your ability, and that you take the responsibility seriously. That’s why we make sure that our owner operator insurance covers drivers. Beyond that, it also covers your brand reputation, your properties, and quite a bit more. This is one of our trucking insurance packages that truly helps our clients’ peace of mind.

Owner Operator Truck Insurance Plans for Indie Drivers

One thing we always stress to our prospective clients is: “do all of the research that you can. If you think you’ve done enough research, do more.” We want you to find the best trucking insurance, sure, but we also want you to realize that we have the best trucking insurance, too. All that being said, no matter what your business is, it certainly doesn’t include trucking insurance research as one of its prime objectives. To that end, we can research your trucking insurance for you. It’s one more way that we can show our clients just how much more we can offer them than a standard agent would. Beyond being insurance agents, in fact, we see ourselves as your business partners. Finding the lowest rates for you is a way we can help you today and in the long run.

Insurance for Drivers Under a Permanent Lease to a Motor Carrier

For many of the drivers we help, their sole form of insurance is that from their motor carrier. While that can be a very simple deal that may cover what you need, it may not always be the best deal for every owner operator. We’ve found in our years that some motor carriers don’t realize that there may be better insurance options available. Through communication with owner operators, and helping them to see what may be a better deal, we help people to find the right trucking insurance for their needs. This is our real job, and we’re always on the job – so, we know essentially all there is to know about trucking insurance. That means we may know about a better deal you haven’t found yet or a great discount. We can help you with that, or we can just find you legally allowed minimum of insurance, too. This is why we ask so many questions: we want to find the right insurance for you.

“Indie driver” or “independent driver” may sound like you’re totally alone, but we’re right by your side. Voluntary plans, mandatory plans – no matter the kind of trucking insurance that fits you, we can find it for you. Whether you’re under a permanent lease or an owner-operator, we’ve got you covered. As with all of our other plans, if you don’t understand something or want more clarification, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll find a plan that works.

Independent Drivers Truck Insurance Plans

  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
    The road is unpredictable at best. No matter how safe and conscientious you are, you can’t control the other driver. While the cargo is important, the road has to be your chief concern. Fires, natural disaster, theft and the like can happen at any time, and that’s just skimming the surface of bad things that can happen on the road. That’s what truck cargo insurance can help with. When your customers are more comfortable and confident with your insurance, they’re more likely to be your repeat customers.
  • Physical Damage Insurance
    A truck that can’t get out on the road is one that will probably struggle to make its owner much money. In fact, even if your truck is in the shop for a while, you’re probably losing money. This is why we offer owner operators’ physical damage insurance. Should something happen to your truck to damage it, you can get it right back out there sooner than ever. In fact, when you have this insurance, the repairs may end up being less themselves. Get the compensation you deserve when your truck is damaged. A truck can’t deliver its cargo from the mechanic’s, so we’re here to help.
  • Liability Insurance
    Preparation is key in everything: from driving, trucking insurance, to life itself. That’s why even the best truck drivers have insurance that can handle anything bad that might happen out there. This insurance covers property damage, physical harm and similar problems. The moments after an accident can be terrifying: even if you’re OK, it’s natural to be gripped by worry. With this insurance, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from not being worried after something happens. If you’re unsure about how this insurance can fit you, we can explain it to you with a simple phone call.
  • Private Carrier Insurance
    Truck owners have freedom. Then can take the jobs they want when they want. Part of that freedom though, is safety. When you focus on safety, it gives you that leeway to enjoy the open road better. Our trucking insurance packages give you everything you need to get the most out of your money on the open road.

Of course, there’s no way to make the road entirely safe. There will always be threats just beyond the horizon, after the next turn or stoplight. What you can do, however, is prepare. You can try to lessen the threats that the road may present. With our insurance, that consists of making sure your vehicle’s in great shape, your training is up to date, and you’re completely prepared for the ride. Sure, you drive defensively, but that’s only part of being a great driver. Our insurance can be there for you when the other driver doesn’t drive defensively.

Safety isn’t about luck. Safety isn’t about an occurrence or a one time thing. Safety is something you do, day in and day out on the road. Safety is about preparation, which means inspecting your vehicle and testing it often. You go over everything with your truck before you send it out there. That’s the same thing we do with our insurance. You focus on your engine, your mirrors and the like; we’ll make sure that your insurance is road-worthy, too.