Motor Truck General Liability Insurance

This insurance isn’t as confusing at might sound at first. It’s the kind of insurance that can be an excellent investment for your business as well as yourself. When property damage and injuries occur from your business activities that aren’t directly related to the operation of trucks, this insurance can be there to cover it. That means it covers people slipping and falling at your office or other place of work, but it also covers libel and slander, too. This insurance has been there for so many of our clients who received truck damage at truck stops, loading docks or delivered their cargo to the wrong place. This insurance covers your business as well as your truck.

  • Property Damage and Bodily Injury Liability
    This insurance covers more than just people or property that gets damaged. Many times, it’s covered people who sell an engine to a trucker, and then when the engine malfunctions and causes an accident, it covers our client. Other examples of what this insurance can do: it’s protected many a business owner who had the unfortunate luck of an employee drunk driving and causing an accident after a work party. This insurance keeps your business afloat if an employee manages to hide their drug use (or worse) during the screening process.
  • Personal Injury Liability and Advertising Injury
    “Advertising Injury” may be the most misunderstood of all of our different kinds of insurance. After all, it seems like it might be impossible to be hurt by an advertisement. What it does cover is injuries that are due to your negligence but aren’t physical injuries per se. Many times, this helps our clients who have advertised with the logo of a different company. The injury isn’t to a person; it’s to the entity itself. If you think this insurance might be helpful for you (or if you aren’t sure) reach out to us. We’ll figure it out together.
  • Medical Payments
    Our site has many references to medical payments, but this one is unique. This particular kind of insurance covers injuries that occur to people on your property but aren’t technically on your premises. So, this would be customers who slip, fall and are injured in your restroom, basement, office or something similar. Like so many other kinds of insurance, many people don’t realize how important this insurance can be until they need it, which makes it all the more important to get it ahead of time.
  • Damage to Premises Rented to You
    If you rent property for a week or less, this insurance can cover you. So often, this insurance has been there for people who rented a hotel room while their truck was being worked on, and then something happened to the hotel room. When you have rented property in terms of work, this insurance can cover quite a bit.
  • Products and Completed Options - One of our most unique kinds of trucking insurance, this particular insurance covers if you or your property is damaged as a result of delivering someone else’s cargo. An example you may have heard before: you put cargo in the wrong container, which makes all the surrounding people ill. This insurance covers that and many other similar situations. The more dangerous and unique kinds of cargo that you transport, the more useful this insurance might be.

Many trucks aren’t able to get this kind of insurance. Contact us and we’ll figure out if your vehicle can handle this kind of insurance. We can make a plan perfectly tailored to your company, your cargo and your industry. That way, you can get insurance that’s the right fit.