Stretching a buck is so important to every business. With this insurance, you and the client share the responsibility of delivering the goods. It’s not all on you. No matter how great a driver you are, there will be a trip or two where it doesn’t work out, or something goes quite wrong. Perhaps there was a fire, perhaps something happened to the cargo or anything else negative occurred. By covering the cargo inside the truck, this insurance means that you aren’t liable for all of it. If your accident caused pollution that damaged your cargo, it will cover those damages. On top of that, it’ll cover the legal fees that resulted from that, too. By taking care of the unforeseen, you can focus on the road directly in front of you.

Dallas Cargo Truck Insurance Requirements

Dallas trucking insurance isn’t something that’s easy to understand the first time you look at it. Many of our clients are quite perplexed by it the first time they see it. That’s why we think it’s so important to educate our clients. We give tips and advice where we can, so that the entire process can go that much smoother. One of the best things you can do, should you be confused, is to ask a question. We welcome questions at any time. You can send us your questions and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible. We want your insurance to be the right insurance for you.

Types of Cargo

We cover all different sorts of cargo types. That being said, there are some types of cargo that we just won’t be able to cover. Many of these come under the heading of “common sense.” Live animals, alcohol, explosives, tobacco, art, property that’s under custody, materials that are radioactive, pharmaceuticals and cash – we can’t cover that. Additionally, property owned by the insured isn’t covered, either -- that’s your stuff and explicitly not cargo.

Types of Trucks

We take pride in all the different kinds of trucks that we cover. That being said, we don’t cover all of them. That means that we don’t cover limousines, garbage trucks, hearses, buses, passenger vans or really any kind of vans. To be clear, accommodations can be sometimes reached. If you believe we should or even might cover your vehicle, it doesn’t hurt to send us a message or make a phone call. There’s literally no downside to it.

Trucks that carry cargo: that we cover plenty of. We’ve had so many clients who couldn’t believe how many different kinds of cargo-carrying trucks we covered. That means dump trucks, cargo vans, cement mixers, dually pickups, car haulers, tractors, flatbeds and box trucks. Most trailers we cover, too – so that we can offer our customers as much as possible. We want you to have the right insurance, the insurance that meets your needs, and we won’t stop until we do.