Any kind of trucking insurance is a commitment. This one, however, is a long-term commitment. Just off of that fact alone, it’s important to remember that there are easier kinds of trucking insurance to get a hold of. While this isn’t the easiest process to go about getting it, we can make it easier on our clients. Keeping safe on the road is paramount no matter which kind of insurance you require. This insurance covers long haul drivers and is uniquely attuned to their needs. Too many other companies only cover drivers that have to stay within a given radius. We help our drivers go as far as they have to.

The most important part of our job is our integrity. Honesty is key to everything that we do. Of course, this being the insurance company, other agents don’t seem to follow that same edict. Too many other people are conned into trucking insurance that costs a lot of money but doesn’t actually protect them. No matter how pretty their language is, it’s won’t help you in the middle of an accident. No company has enough money to waste it on insurance they’ll never need. Reach out to us if someone starts telling you a fairy tale about insurance that sounds far too good to ever be real. Easy way to tell if someone’s giving you the run around: if they charge you for an insurance quote. Quotes are always free on our site.

Types of Coverage

There are less expensive forms of trucking insurance than long haul trucking insurance. Research, research and more research is the best way to protect yourself. There are almost always better discounts, better deals and so forth. As with many other kinds of trucking insurance, the price changes quite a bit. It’s lower in some times and yet higher in others. We can help you to find a way to get the best insurance for your needs at the best time, too.

  • Physical Damage Insurance
    Every day is different on the road; indeed every moment is. When you’re behind the wheel, you control your truck. That puts you in control of the truck and the truck alone. That means you can’t keep fires from igniting or rocks from falling from craggy peaks. This insurance does make sure that your truck stays your truck through any accident. You can pay less when accidents happen. This way, your truck is faster and better to get back out on the road.
  • Cargo Insurance
    For many drivers, the best money is in hauling cargo for the long haul. Unfortunately, in accidents where cargo is damaged, it’s not the only thing that is damaged. The damage to your reputation as well as your business can be incredible. This insurance makes sure that all of the above are protected. You focus on the driving, the insurance focuses on cargo. With the cargo covered, it’ll be a relief to you and your clients.
  • General Liability Insurance Generally, bad things don’t happen on the road. But, they can at any time. This is the kind of insurance that be there for you if you get into an accident. No matter what happens, this trucking insurance covers as much as it can. Property damage, personal injury protection, medical payments, bodily injury protection, even motorists who are underinsured or uninsured – this insurance deals with all of that. We called it “General” because it does pretty much everything you’d need.