These trucking insurance packages can help your trucking business grow. Maybe your trucking business is large, state or even nationwide, fully established and doing great. Perhaps your trucking insurance is just starting out, making waves as you find your footing. Or maybe even your trucking business is somewhere in between. We offer a trucking insurance plan to fit your business no matter what level your business is in. With our different trucking insurance packages, you’re sure to find one that fits your business perfectly.

Begin at the Beginning Here

If you’ve been searching online for commercial auto coverage, you’re liable to find hundreds if not thousands of them and that’s just in Dallas alone. It may feel like each and every single truck you see has a different kind of insurance. It can be overwhelming and confusing – at best. This is why we make education such a key part of our business. We believe the more our customers know about trucking insurance, the better decisions they can make for their own business. We also know that you don’t want to spend all of your time trying to figure out trucking insurance. To that end, we tell prospective clients: write down all of your driver’s risk. If you can think of a risk or something that might even potentially be a risk, write it down. Then, you can list them in an email, note on your phone, post it note, or anywhere other place. You don’t want to be too limiting: if it feels like it could be a risk, make a note of it. Then, bring that to us. That can go a long way towards us figuring out what the right insurance for you is.

Dallas Commercial Auto Coverages

Some states have different liability insurance plans. Many have similarities, but there are some key differences that you have to be aware of. For example, in this state, drivers and trucks have to be covered by liability insurance. Many of our clients get the insurance that’s at the absolute minimum. Many of our other clients though get much more insurance. Typically, when we go over insurance plans with customers, they pick something that’s in the middle. Should something terrible happen on the road, this liability insurance can help your business to recover in a hurry. In fact, we’ve had more than a couple clients refer to this insurance as a “financial painkiller.”

Truck accidents cause a lot of damage, to people as well as property. That’s the last thing anyone ever wants to happen. When it does, we don’t want you to have to pay a lot of money. Bodily Injury and Property Damage are a few of the insurance packages that we offer. The open highway is filled with opportunity, but there are challenges out there, too. This insurance can help you to repair your truck, or pay the medical bills when you’re recovering from an injury. At the end of the day, this insurance (like so many others) gives you the peace of mind it takes to focus on your business so that it can succeed.

Unfortunately, there are so many drivers out there on the road who don’t have insurance. If you’re hit by them, and you don’t have uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance, then you may be out of luck. That’s what our “Uninsured Motorist” insurance can do. That way, you get the compensation you deserve for everything that you’ve been through. Our insurance is there to protect you when bad things happen.

Standard Vehicles Auto Insurance Coverages in Dallas

Are you a trucking driver? A truck driver for hire? We have the Dallas plans that can protect you on the road. Some go above and beyond what you might expect. For example, our “Medical Payments” cover the passengers in addition to the drivers. “Pet Injury Coverage” does the same. Animal injury costs can be a real concern, and this coverage handles the treatment costs from the vet. “Personal Injury Protection" is exactly what it sounds like: “a kind of insurance that covers your personal injuries.

A truck is key to your business. Indeed, your business can’t succeed (or really run) without having a truck. To make sure that your business runs properly, we have a wide variety of insurance plans to choose from. “Comprehensive” insurance lives up to the name, covering anything and everything included. “Individual Named Insured Endorsement,” “Physical Damage,” “Collision,” “Fire and Theft with CAC” are just a few of the different kinds of insurance that you can find here.

When you use your truck just for your business (and only for your business) we have insurance that fit your needs to a T. “Motor Truck General Liability” and “Motor Truck Cargo” helps those who work with you or ride with you to have that peace of mind. Protect your trailer with our “Trailer Interchange” insurance, or get the most out of your vehicle “Rental Reimbursement with Downtime.” We know that some of these insurance plans may have strange names that don’t quite make sense at first glance. We’re always glad to talk to prospective customers so that you can get the right insurance plan.

Vast Catalog of Insurance Plans Available

What you’ve just read are some of the insurance plans we offer, but by no means the complete list. A business that has the right insurance is one that can grow while also being fully prepared for a rainy day. “Single Deductible Endorsement,” “Employer’s Non-Owned,” “Drive Other Car,” “Hired Auto,” and “Any Auto” are just a few of the other plans that we offer.

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re riding late at night, all across Dallas (or beyond). You can prepare for it, though. Our Dallas trucking insurance professionals are ready and waiting to give you the kind of insurance that you’re looking for.